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 The Casino 
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Click to view full size image Pinball was 10 cents and you were the best if you heard a 'POP' and won a free game. You were the king if you heard 2 POPS or everyone knew your score was the high score! When we were all out of money we crowded up against the pinball machine sides and watched everyone else play. Oh, and we tried all kind of 'slugs' in the coin slot hoping we'd never need to use a real dime again! Coke came in 16oz green glass bottles sealed with metal bottle caps that were lined with cork and required you to pry them off on an opener. They cost a dime and you got 2 cents back when you returned the empty to the concession (hey, 5 bottles and you had pinball money!). The Casino soda vending machine looked very similar to the one pictured here. Spring Lodge Casino Soda Vending Machine - Circa 1967
Remember the hallway with the telephone and restrooms where the walls were written all over? Remember how it smelled? How about the "Rain Day Activities'? They were so boring I don't know how anyone could stand them. But we survived them like little troopers.
How many times did you find yourself swinging from the Casino awning outside only to get screamed at by Mr. Bellak? Remember the old piano on the stage and how someone was always trying to play "Chopsticks"Add piano to the Casino sounds Piano OFF or "Heart & Soul"Add piano to the Casino sounds Piano OFF on it ad nauseum?
Most frequent yell heard in the Casino: "REJECT IT!!". Pretzel Logs - 3 for a nickel.. thank God for that.
Most frequent beg heard in the Casino: "5 MORE MINUTES!" when Sid or Morty was standing there with the mic and was about to call curfew. Push-up Pops. Yum, tasted like the cardboard it came wrapped in. But the wooden stick was really cool.
How everyone in the Casino stopped cold in their tracks and stared at the door when an unexpected stranger walked in the Casino at night. Maybe he came in here to kill us all? (I know all of us were thinking that). PA announcements everyday telling the whole bungalow colony what the lunch special was. If you were there in the mid to late 60's you'll remember those announcements always ending with "...and a Hoffman cookie!".
Remember how we had to beg and promise to behave just to get them to give us the oars to the rowboat? And getting the shuffleboard equipment... well, that took an act of God. The Guns of Navarone. Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round. Lee Marvin, James Coburn. Ahh... what would the Casino be without movie night? Same films every summer -same great memories. Oh, and don't forget the cartoon reel!
On Saturday afternoons there always came a cryptic announcement over the colony PA system: "Tally-Ho... Tally-Ho in the Casino, Tally-Ho in the Casino!". It wasn't until later in life we realized that this cryptic message was an alert that a poker game was about to get started in the Casino for those who were interested. Yeah, our dads loved to play poker on the weekends! The pizza was brought in from town and reheated behind the counter. It really was very good. On late Saturday nights, when they knew our parents were finished eating, they would sell the left-over slices of pizza out the back door of the kitchen to us for 25 cents. You just had to remember to say the magic words: "put it on my tab please".
***Attention Campers***
Don't forget...EVERY Sunday morning at the Ornstein's bungalow is PANCAKE BREAKFAST...all the pancakes, bacon and chocolate milk you can eat...be there at 9:00 AM SHARP!
Remember the candy necklaces and bracelets they sold at the Casino concession? They would come on these flimsy elastic strings that we would wear around our neck or wrist and we'd have to bite one off every time we needed another sugar fix. If you bit down too hard you'd cut the string with your teeth and send all the sweet little candies flying all over the place. They had this strangely unique flavor to them.. very different than all the other candies we knew as kids. (I think it was like Banana or something).
But the question is: How many times did you jump into the pool and forget you were still wearing one? Yeah, I thought so. Me too.
Soda Caps
"The prettiest girl I ever saw was sipping Hoffman's right through a straw."
How many of us are old enough to remember hearing that commercial jingle playing on the concession's radio?
CAMP BINGO: We played it in the Casino using those heavy cardboard cards with the sliding red windows that covered the numbers. The wooden bingo balls were pulled from a wire tumbler on the stage. We usually played for Bazooka bubble gum and the final game was always "stand up bingo" where you had to sit down if you got a number. The last kid standing won.
Super Bowler pinball machine
Who remembers going up to the Casino when the Jukebox guy was there at the end of the summer and buying the old 45's from him for 10 cents apiece? I still have all the ones I bought stored in a shoe box in my closet!
Do you remember standing outside the Casino on a Saturday night and trying to get our parents attention? Of course our ultimate purpose was to have either our mom or dad bring us out a handful of pretzels or potato chips, usually in a napkin.. I bet we all did that many times! It was a major treat when they allowed us to make a telephone call announcement over the bungalow colony PA system. Just knowing that the whole colony would hear you and all your friends would know it's your voice was really cool. Except for the one time I got a shock from that old mic...yep
Remember kids, The Casino is a designated Fallout Shelter.
So in the extreme unlikely event of an emergency, remember the rules and always "Duck & Cover".
Didn't this kind of stuff just scare the piss out of us back in the 50's & 60's?
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