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OK Spring Lodgers It's time again for the 31st Annual SL Chain Letter. This year, all you do is send $20.00 to the first name on the list and then you cross that name out and add your name to the top of the list. The first one on the list will also be obligated to send the money to the second name on the list (minus $19.95 shipping & handling). If everyone participates, by Labor Day 2009 We will all have collected, by my calculations, $83,160.

The List
1. Evan Obrentz
(TIP: Just cross the top name off of your screen. Use a crayon or lipstick so you can wipe it off for the next name)
PS: THANKS to the 11 people who already sent their #1 list check! BRAVO!
I think that the food that would have been appreciated the most back then would have been nachos. If we only knew. Guacamole would have ranked also. Come to think of it, how come there were no Mexican kids in camp? HEY!? How come we didn't know about those toads you could lick back then. We would have had even higher flying summers...right on man...screw the reheated pizza
Rumor had it in 1967 Roberta made an offer to buy the camp. It was quickly turned down by Mr. Bellack as he did not like the name 'Aunt Colony'.
One of the greatest frustrations from 1969 was being only 13 years old and knowing that Woodstock was only 30 miles away!
"I was 8yrs old in 1969, so to me Woodstock was that little yellow bird friend of Charlie Browns'".....by Alan Hartenstein and very believable
Spring lodge Slot Slut
This is how I remember the casino
Chief Running Bullshit Did you know that the same indian guy went from colony to colony from camp to camp to pose for the plaster casts and all other crafts? I can't remember his name but he later went on to audition and star in The Village People.
HEY! The more pictures you post, the more sure I get that I must been staying at Lake Anne...
And come to think of it, why was it called a casino? I don't remember any slot machines or dealers...I would have been happy playing video poker and eating nachos.... Anyone else remember that dark-haired kid named Punjab Shapirowitz that used to beat everyone at paddleball except me? Cool guy but I think maybe he just let me win all the time.
WSOP 2007
Evan at the 2007 WSOP Main Event

This square is dedicated to
David and Evan's appearance at the
2007 World Series of Poker Main Event.

Dave made it till 2AM of day 1
and I only made it till dinnertime of day 1

Still, it was the blast of a lifetime!

(I'm sure you're saying "Damn, he looks good for 51 but the jerk obviously doesn't know how to play poker that well")

The only Color War I remember is the one my mother started by putting David and me in different color sneakers so that you all could tell us apart! One of us wore red and the other wore blue. No one remembers which anyway. And I had a beauty mark on the left side of my nose and everyone asked me to turn my head to see who I was. (Gee, I remembered something and I wrote all that without a nacho reference ....cool!)
I hearby declare that we city slickers will forever be known every summer as being "Monrodents"
In 2002, I asked Dave to take a drive up to Monroe to visit all our old friends and he said OK. So we set out to Spring Lodge as our first stop. We were very excited to go back and see the place after all the years that had passed. When we got to the exit sign, I told him that the nights would be colder than in Florida and also that I had planned a special trip to Woodstock the next day. Mad as hell, he threw me out of the car! He did manage to take this shot as he drove off cursing under his breathe. Needless to say, no one picked me up to finish my trip except the local police. At least I have this photo to remember the trip by.
On the way to Spring Lodge
Evan and his girlfriend
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Spring Lodge Memories
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